Our Mission

Stop… and Take a Moment, and count to 7 in your head... In the time that It took you to count from 1-7 an Innocent animal waiting for a loving home was just put down. Every year 7.6 million pets enter shelters, and of these animals 2.7 million will be put down due to lack of resources. PetYuppy was founded on the belief that we can change the odds that innocent animals are facing everyday. We are a Proud Supporter of the ASPCA & ENPA (Italian Association for Animal Protection). Help us to reach our goal, and save the lives of helpless animals. We donate a portion of every sale to help save  an innocent animal's life. Based in Italy, PetYuppy was created to raise money for these animals. We believe In the power of community and how monumental a community can become when it stands united.

Stand with US, and together we will stand for THEM!

When you buy from us, you are not just our customer but you are now part of our family representing and carrying the #amazing message within, a message to stand out and daring to be different in each one's own unique way.

It is our duty everyday to continually search day and night, night and day, finding and sourcing these products that will represent this our message we believe in to you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at

Your satisfaction and happiness is our priority. We look forward to serving you and giving you the best shopping experience :) Again, we thank you so much for your support!


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